In addition to our plumbing installation, repair, and maintenance, Service by Scott also offers water treatment solutions. These solutions include water softening and water filtration.

Traditional Water Softeners

To eliminate the possibility of scale build-up, traditional water softeners remove calcium and magnesium ions from water and replace those ions with potassium or sodium ions. After using a water softener in your home, you’ll notice the better quality of water throughout your house.

Benefits of Whole Home Water Softener:

  • Prolong faucet and pipes life
  • Prolong dishwasher life
  • Prolong water heater life
  • Spot-free dishes
  • No more water spots in the shower
  • Healthier and softer skin

Water Filtration

Water is an essential and vital part of your daily life in your home. You do so much more with water than just drink it. Every home cooks with water; cleans, and bathes in water. Our bodies absorb much of water we use while taking baths or showers. Only filtering your drinking water is no longer sufficient to ensure only clean water is in your home.

Service by Scott recommends a whole home water filtration system to keep a constant supply of clean, filtered water in your house. Water filtration eliminates or greatly reduces the contaminants and chemicals in your homes plumbing system. Water filters do not, however, eliminate scale build-up like a traditional water softener.

If your water has an odor, doesn’t taste good, or it’s making your skin and hair dry, consider having Service by Scott install a whole home water filter for your home. It will last over 10 years and needs little to no maintenance.

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