Slab Leak Detection & Foundation Leak Repair Services in Woodville, Texas

Southeast Texas comprises about 16.1 million acres of the forested eastern part of the state. The land is gently undulating to hilly and well dissected by many streams. Surface drainage is moderate to rapid [source]. For those homes that are built on concrete slabs because of the unstable soil in our area Service by Scott offers slab leak detection and foundation leak repair services.

Having a high content of clay in your soil means it is more sensitive to moisture fluctuations. Introduction water to clay causes it to expand subjecting your foundation to pressure for underneath.

Having a leak in your slab or foundation can erode the soil around the home and cause the slab to collapse. A lack of moisture can also cause the clay to contract which can sometimes cause the slab to crack. When a slab fails, its weight breaks the plumbing line beneath, causing a rush of water into your home. If the soil moves too much, pipes can become damaged and require re-piping services.

Detecting a leak can save you from major repair work in the future. Call or contact Service by Scott today to schedule a slab or foundation inspection for leaks.

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