Sewer Machine Services in Woodville & Tyler County

Tree roots can expand seeking water and oftentimes that means they can invade sewer pipes at the joint. Growing over time, they eventually clog the pipe. These clogs can also cause serious backflow issues in your septic system. Service by Scott provides Sewer Machine Services to clean out drains and sewer lines.

The speed-rooter is a cable-like machine that can easily maneuver around pipes and cut through those roots allowing free flow drainage through your sewer pipes.

Have a Drain Issue or Plumbing Emergency?

Service by Scott will respond quickly to emergency calls! We offer emergency plumbing services for Woodville and beyond. Please call us at 409-202-6856 or Schedule an appointment online.

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Master Plumber

We’re not your local handyman. We are licensed professionals who take great value in our work and your time.

Emergency Service

When faced with an emergency, a quick, reliable, and licensed plumber is important. Service by Scott is your trusted Master Plumber!

Local, Friendly, & Reliable

Service by Scott has been serving Tyler County and our surrounding neighbors for over 30 years! We are a family-owned and operated business.

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