Why do I need a licensed plumber?

Oct 23, 2017 | Resources

Did you know that in the great state of Texas it is required by law to have a plumbing license?

Yes, to perform plumbing services you must be licensed with the state.  We are all so busy, it is not something we often stop to think about. One day the need will arise when you are going to have to call a plumber whether you are too busy or the job is to complicated.  You will have to call a professional. Surely you will want to call someone you know you can trust.

It is sad to say but in today’s world, it is hard to find someone you can trust to know that they will not only treat you fair but also know that your home and most importantly your family will be safe. I am not saying that every handyman that comes to your home is a bad one. I am saying Texas state law requires that every man or woman that performs plumbing services as a business have a license. This protects you, yes that’s right the homeowner.  How can you feel safe knowing that when you call someone to replace the kitchen faucet and you have never met them before? How do you know they have the proper training to complete the task at hand? How do you know they aren’t convicted felons? These are things we don’t like to think about.  I want to know that while I am at work providing for my family and my wife is home alone with the kids that they are safe. I don’t want someone that could be a thief or worse in my home. That is just one of the benefits you have when you call a licensed plumber. Every year the plumber has to renew their license. They have to go to continuing education and the state makes sure that they have no new convictions by performing a background check. If so then the license can be revoked and they can no longer perform services.

The plumbing profession has different levels of licensing. There is a Responsible Master Plumber, Master Plumber, Journeyman Plumber, Tradesman Plumber, and Plumbers Apprentice. All of which are registered with the state of Texas.

The plumbing license is not just some certification you can obtain by paying a small fee. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to obtain. It is something that is earned, not given. To begin you have to start as a plumber’s apprentice. A plumber’s apprentice works under a licensed plumber. They cannot run a truck by themselves; a licensed plumber has to be there to supervise and train, making sure that the work is being performed correctly. That everything meets code requirements. An apprentice has to work a minimum of at least two years if they are to become a Tradesman or four years if they are to become a Journeyman.  After going through the proper on-the-job training, they have to meet the required classroom training whether it be through a state-approved trade school or the required continuing education classes. They also must be OSHA certified for safety. After meeting those requirements, they must travel to Austin and pass the plumbing exam.

A Tradesman Plumber can run a truck and perform plumbing services only in single-family dwellings. A Journeyman Plumber can perform work at single family dwellings but also can perform work in the commercial settings as well.  To become a Master Plumber, you must complete all of the above requirements and additional criteria. You must complete an additional four years of on-the-job training. That’s eight years of hard work and dedication and then you must take another plumbing exam in Austin!

All of that while keeping a clean record.  Did I mention you can’t have any DWI or DUIs either?  The state wants to make sure you are protected. Now, there is one more thing.  To legally run a plumbing business, you must have a Responsible Master Plumber license.

What does that mean? That means that any plumbing business in the state of Texas is held accountable and must have a Master Plumber that has a current certificate of insurance. So, if the plumbing technician accidentally burns down your home while soldering those old copper pipes you are covered. If a handyman comes out and burns down or floods your home, you’re out of luck.

I have heard too many nightmare stories. Instances of jobs going wrong right here in Tyler County. The handyman installed the water heater wrong and caused carbon monoxide poisoning. They installed the water line and connected it to all the gas appliances.  Or they installed the wrong water heater causing the gas flames to come out of the heater catching the home on fire. All of which could have been prevented if the customer would have had a licensed plumber.

So next time you have to make the call.  Ask your plumber to show you their license.  It is required of us.  As for me, I would be proud to show you my license. It is something that has taken me a lot of hard work and dedication to obtain. We at Service By Scott are here to serve you and take pride in the work we do.

We thank you and are proud to be part of the community.